Burned out standard light bulb
Dish washing Liquid cap (Palmolive dish washing liquid cap used)
Water or soda bottle plastic top
Stickers or Rub-on-transfers of choice (I used both stickers and rub-on-transfers)
Ribbon and decorative trim scraps (I used cording, ribbon, pearls and gold decorative trim)
Gold wire (I used 24 gauge brass wire, 1 inch length)
Crafters Goop or E6000 Glue
Gold metallic paint pen or Metallic paint
Acrylic Enamel Paint, colour of choice
Crackle Medium of Choice (optional)
Gloss Varnish
Hot glue gun and sticks
Gold colour beads of choice (1 for the bottom of ornament and 1 flat bead for the top centre)
Rubbing Alcohol or White Vinegar to clean bulb

How to:

Wipe your light bulb with a little rubbing alcohol or white vinegar and a cotton ball.  Allow to dry completely.

Wash your bottle caps thoroughly with dish washing liquid and allow to dry completely.

Using a sharp object, poke a small hole in the centre of your soda bottle lid.  Feed your wire piece through the hole
and create a loop with the wire, feeding both strands of the loop through the hole in the cap.  This creates a hanger for
your ornament.  Secure the wire ends on the inside of the lid with a dot of glue.

Using Goop or similar glue, glue the bottle cap to the socket area of the ornament and the dish washing liquid cap to
the bottom centre of the light bulb.  Allow the glue to dry completely.

Paint your bulb (glass section only) with a cream colour paint or other colour of choice.  Paint the socket section, the
bottle cap and dish washing liquid cap with a gold paint pen or metallic craft paint.  Allow this paint to dry and apply
additional coats if necessary.

I used both stickers and rub on transfers for this project.  Attach either to your bulb randomly, making sure they are
secure.  You can leave your ornament as is or apply a crackle medium at this stage.  I used a 2 step crackle medium.  
Follow the manufacturers instructions for apply the medium of choice.  Once you have your crackle finish, apply a
small amount of burnt umber paint or antique medium to fill in the cracked areas.  Allow this to dry and then apply an
even coat of gloss varnish to the entire glass area.  Do not apply varnish to the gold painted areas, as the varnish will
dull the metallic paint.

Once the first coat of varnish is dry, apply a second and allow it to dry completely.

Now you can embellish the ornament. You need to hide the socket area and disguise the dish washing lid.  Refer to the
photo above and place small pieces of decorative trim, using hot glue.

To finish it up, glue a bead to the bottom centre of your ornament.  This helps to disguise the dish washing lid even
further and feed a flat gold bead through the top wire piece and glue in place on the top bottle cap.

I opened the dish washing liquid cap and left it open for this project, you can do either.  If you decide to leave the lid
open, place a little dot of glue inside the cap to prevent it from closing.
DIY - Transform a burnt out light bulb into a pretty ornament.
DIY - Transform a burnt out light bulb into a pretty ornament.
DIY - Transform a burnt out light bulb into a pretty ornament.
DIY - Transform a burnt out light bulb into a pretty ornament.
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